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About some hand made games.

Creepy War Game

Normally I wouldn’t do such a think like distracting people away to other sites. But hey, it looks so cool and feels so creepy: 1916 – The War You Never Knew


Star Chasm some visuals

In order to get things rolling, I show you a little picture with some of the old stuff mixed with new station models I’ve created recently. In the olde days I created the stations depending on the role they would play in game, but as we are required to narrow down the scope of the game a little, I follow a more generic approach now. The upper stations are new additions.

Welcome back !

Welcome to the moonworx entertainment blog(s) or moonblox. This is my first post here. I already edited it and started blogging! This blog is dedicated to the indie game dev studio Moonworx Entertainment. Our current project is the space adventure game Star Chasm, we hope to release pretty soon.

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